Soviet Lieutenant-General M1954 parade uniform

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Visor cap
Belt (opt.)
5 orders
12 medals
3 badges
3500 USD
3500 EUR

Lieutenant General M1954 parade uniform

Beautiful M/1954 Estonian SSR war veteran parade uniform of a lieutnant general of the Soviet armed forces. The tunic and pants are made from highest quality wool and the shoulder boards have rich golden embroidery with two stars each. The stars have oxidized over time. The entire set was obtained from Estonia. We assume the general initially served in the Workers and Peasants Red Army in the early days of the Soviet Union and was then transferred/stationed or moved to the newly formed Estonian Soviet republic in the early postwar period. The early brass type city council (Linnanoukogo) member badge indicate a political position within the communist party apparatus as well.

During the war, the general participated in the capture of Berlin and the Liberation of Warszawa as well as in the defenses of Leningrad and Caucasus. The wartime awards include combat related awards like the Medal for Bravery as well as the Order of the Great Patriotic War II class and one wartime Red Star. He also got the Order of Bogdhan Khmelnitski, III class, however the award that is mounted to the uniform is to be considered as a well-made replica. There is another Red Star as well which was given for long service in the 1950s. The Order of the Badge of Honour also dates from the early 1950s.

The academy badge is a postwar Dzerzhinski war academy badge with 16 republic scrolls on the Soviet coat of arms used 1946-1956.

The buttons are undated and marked *** marking on back, indicating 1950s manufacture. The buttons also have the 16 republic coat of arms. The visor cap is mid 1960s and the sweatshield inside show light wear. The tunic and breeches are in good shape. The award ribbons are somewhat soiled from age but in overall good condition.

Overall, the uniform set is in excellent condition shows light to medium wear (medium for visor cap). The size for the tunic is a generous 56 (44-46, XL), the visor cap is 57.

Awards: Order of Bogdhan Khmelnitski III class, Order of the Patriotic War II class, twice Order of the Red Star, Order of the Badge of Honour, Medal for Bravery, Medal for 20th anniversary of the Workers and Peasant army, Medal for Defense of Leningrad, Medal for Defense of Caucasus, Medal for Victory over Germany, Medal for 20th anniversary of the Victory, Medal for capture of Berlin, Medal for Liberation of Warszawa, Medal for 250th anniversary of Leningrad, medals for 30th and 40th anniversaries of the foundation of the Soviet armed forces.

Badge for graduation from the Dzerzhinski war academy, post-war Red guards badge, Member of Estonian SSR city council; 1960s issue badge.

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