Soviet Union Mining Ministry - official dress uniform

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3 medals
3 badges


Soviet Union Mining Ministry
Mid- or Senior level official

Very rare, late 1970s dress uniform for a mid- or senior level official of the Soviet Union mining ministry. As we have no regulations on hand for this ministry, we can only make the assumption of level from the rich embroideries on the sleeves and collar.

While there are no shoulder boards on this uniform, each sleeve has a general style embroidery around the sleeve accompanied by a crossed hammer insignia in wreath, all wire and thread embroidered. The same insignia is found on the collar of the tunic as well. The tunic is single breasted with three buttons, each with the crossed hammer insignia.

The awards include three civilian medals; the 100th anniversary of the birth of Lenin, civilian labor version, the medal "Veteran of Labor" and the jubilee medal "1500th anniversary of Kiev". On the weares right chese are three socialist competition awards from 1973, 1975 and 1976. The name "Ivanov" is written in both the tunic and the trousers.

The size of the uniform is roughly 52 (US 40-42). while this set is tunic and trousers only, a visor cap would be plausible to find as well.

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