Post Soviet CIS Georgia State Security KGB major general parade walkout uniform

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Post Soviet Republic of Georgia
State Security major general uniform

Parade or parade-walkout uniform for a major general in the state security of the post-Soviet republic of Georgia. The uniform closely resembles the Soviet era parade-walkout uniform but differs in the collar and sleeve embroideries and hold shoulder boards resembling the post-Soviet Russian federation boards. The stars on the shoulders have 7 rays and the buttons feature a knight on horse. While the collar embroideries are of Soviet era standard, the sleeve embroideries are of a less impressive style. The trousers are gray with cornflower blue piping, Soviet style for a general.

The shoulder boards are golden with cornflower blue piping and feature a large 7-ray embroidered star in a wreath. We assume this cornflower piping was used by the state security in the post Soviet georgian republic but any additional information regarding this uniform is appreciated. Overall, the uniform set is in excellent condition shows light age and wear.

The uniform show traces from wear and awards/badges being worn. The size is about 54 on the longer side. The tunic is made from gray wool gabardine and is in a very good, undamaged condition with soft lining. [Go to top]5 | Republic of Finland
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