Soviet navy captain I rank parade dress uniform M1952

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Visor cap
1 badge
Other awards
not included
Very good
850 EUR


Soviet navy captain I rank
M1952 parade dress uniform

Very well kept and very rare full dress parade uniform with collar embroideries for a captain I rank of the Soviet navy, early postwar. The uniform style introduced following the victory parade features an open-collar, suit-style version with intricate almost admiral style embroideries around the collar. The shoulder boards are rich gold, somewhat wrinkled from age and wear, with silver stars, correct for the time and era. The buttons are brass anchor style, all present, including the double cuff buttons. The tunic is made from high quality wool and different from the later uniforms of the 1950 has a very square, stiff angle appearance whereas the shoulderboards became more sloped in later versions. The embroideries were already in the mid to late 1950s replaced with metal versions. The parade uniform of this time was worn with a dagger belt attached to the trouser belt loops rather than the golden parade belt.

The shoulderboards hold three large metal stars on black backing with black piping for the rank of captain Ist rank, equal to a colonel. On the sleeves are the correct wide rank stripes, sewn-on, somewhat oxidized, matching the rank on the shoulder boards. The buttons are brass type with a large anchor and without edge rim, seemingly 1940-1950s version without any yearstamp. The left side of the tunic has a single hole where a 1950s graduation badge was mounted on the uniform. The decorations including a copy of the Order of Lenin, the medal for Victory over Germany, Capture of Berlin and 30th anniversary of the Soviet army and navy mounted on the wearers left has been added to make a putative captain I rank impression, these are not included with the uniform but can be purchased optionally.

The visor cap of this set is a size 56 parade cap with cardboard visor with golden decorations and a golden cord as worn solely by the 1st rank captains at the time. The cap is in good condition given its age and made from napped wool. The trousers are straight leg version for wear with shoes, and in this case a pair of navy shoes are also available.

Overall, the uniform set is in very good condition and shows only light wear. The size for the tunic is US40 or EUR50 and the visor cap is 56. This said, this uniform is a highly desired collectible and sold as such, not as a wearable.

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