Soviet major general parade walkout uniform M1969

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Tunic only

Major general mechanized infantry
M1969 parade walkout uniform

Parade-walkout uniform of a major general of the Soviet army, M/1969. The parade-walkout uniform was a semi-formal dress used when the parade uniform was not called for, yet the service uniform was not enough - hence this gray uniform. The tunic is made from gray wool gabardine and is in worn, good condition with soft lining in good condition. There is a repair on the inside of the wearers left chest side of the tunic and traces from two Hero title awards and a large ribbon bar.

The shoulder boards are golden with red piping and feature one embroidered star each for the rank of major general. The star show some patina from age. The cuffs and the collar have rich golden embroideries as well as red piping. The uniform type was worn with ribbon bar, this one has unfortunately been removed from the uniform.

The buttons have various dates, likely the buttons has been replaced at some point. The size for the tunic is 56-58 (US46, XL). From 1980 onwards, the wave green parade uniform trousers (and accordingly the wave green parade cap as well) were worn with the uniform which would be the case with this tunic.

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