Soviet navy captain I rank daily dress uniform M1969

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Visor cap
Very good

Soviet navy engineering capt. I rank
M1969 daily dress uniform

M1969 summer dress uniform of a navy captain 1st rank, equal to a colonel, of the Soviet, later Russian Navy, and its engineering branch. The jacket is made from white wool with golden shoulder boards holding three large metal stars each and the crossed hammer and wrench insignia for engineering and ship construction. The buttons are Soviet era brass type with an anchor, marked 82. The visor cap is white with golden cord and a beautiful embroidered wreath with red enamel star and separate anchor.The cap is a very late Soviet or early Russian federation era manufacture.

The uniform holds no awards, yet there is a trace on the collar from a decoration or badge, this may be some naval badge, a Highest-Soviet deputy badge or even a Hero of Soviet Union which has been chosen in this case to accenturate the glory of the rank and uniform. This title award is however not included with the uniform.

The uniform set consists of jacket, trousers and visor cap. The size is 50-4 for the jacket and trousers and 58 for the visor cap. In US sizes, this is 40R for the jacket and trousers and 7 1/4 for the visor cap. This is a very nice, well made Soviet era uniform which should not be mistaken for a russian federation manufactured piece or a present day reproduction.

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