Soviet Major General of Engineering M1954 parade uniform

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Visor cap
Belt (opt.)
6* orders
10 medals

*(4 copies)


Major General of Engineering
M1954 parade uniform

Beautiful, magenta piped M/1954 war veteran parade uniform of a major general of the Soviet armed forces special troops. The tunic and pants are made from highest quality wool and the shoulder boards have rich golden embroidery with one silver star each. The stars have oxidized beautifully over time and contrast beautifully on the golden embroidered shoulder boards. The collar embroideries are in beautiful, flawless shape and condition and surrounds the collar in a very impressive way. The visor cap is a 1960s manufacture in very good condition with excessive embroideries and correct two piece cocarde.

The uniform has been restored to its former glory using 10+4 metal bars. Only one decoration has been mounted on the wearers right side and the imprints suggest the Order of Suvorov, which has been placed there as a III class replica award, yet it could possibly have been an Order of Patriotic War as well. The awards in the bar includes the following awards: Order of Lenin (twice)*, Order of Red Banner*, Medal for Combat service, Medal for Defense of Caucasus, Medal for Victory over Germany, medal for 20th anniversary of the Victory, medals for 30th, 40th and 50th anniversaries of the Soviet armed forces, medal for 20 years of irreproachable service - and two Bulgarian awards, the Order of Red Banner and Order of 9th September 1944. The medal for 100th anniversary of Lenin is the military version, issued in 1970.

The buttons are undated and marked *** marking on back, indicating 1950s manufacture. The buttons also have the 16 republic coat of arms. The visor cap is mid 1960s and the sweatshield inside show light wear. The tunic and breeches are in very good shape. Some award ribbons show wear and age but are overall in a very good condition.

Overall, the uniform set is in excellent condition shows light to medium wear (medium for visor cap). The size for the tunic is about 52 (L), the visor cap is 60. The belt is optional, yet recommended for the best appearance.

This is a very impressive, well shaped uniform that would easily become the centerpiece of any coldwar or Soviet collection.

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