East German NVA East German Pioniere Lieutenant Colonel 'Schwarzen Kragen' parade uniform

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Visor cap
Belt optional
9 medals
2 badges

East German NVA
Pioniere Lieutenant Colonel
'Schwarzen Kragen' parade uniform

East German combat engineer pioniere lieutenant colonel Oberstleutnant parade dress uniform, 1970s, with breeches, visor cap and optional belt. The uniforms holds black piped shoulder boards with two rank pips each for the rank of Oberstleutnant. The collar is the striking black type as used until the mid 1970s with wowen style collar tabs with black waffenfarbe. The piping at the sleeves and around the collar is white and the piping is in good condition. This style of uniform which was introduced in 1956 gives the wearer quite a Wehrmacht-like apperance but looking closer on the details, the difference are obvious.

The awards include the Kampforden in Bronze, NVA Verdienstmedaille im Gold, Silber and Bronze as well as the Treue Dienst - medals in all classes. The awards also include a bulgarian anniversary medal for the 30th anniversary of the Bulgarian armed forces, mounted after the long service medals (in spite of regulations placing this award before the Treue Dienst - medals). On the wearers left is the Qualifikationsspange, I class, and a Soviet graduation badge from the engineering academy named after Dzierzynski.

The uniform is size marked M-52 and the visor cap is 1968 dated and size 57. The belt is optional but a recommended addition. The uniform comes with breeches for wear with boots. The uniform is in overall very good condition and has been in a german collection for the past 20-25 years.

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