Soviet Air force colonel daily uniform with overcoat

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Colonel of air force
M1969 daily uniform with overcoat

Daily dress uniform of colonel of the Soviet air force, dating from the late 1980s. The uniform is a standard officers style daily attire with the corresponding overcoat for autumn and spring use.

The shoulder boards have sky piping which is also found along the legs of the trousers and the band of the cap - as well as the collar tabs which carry the aviation insignia. This uniform is however especially interesting by the fact that the shoulder boards have embroidered stars on both the tunic and the coat, an exclusive feature which was technically not supported by the regulations but was available as an optional feature from the Voentorg tailor stores. The rank of colonel is indicated by the three large stars on each shoulder. All front buttons are present and carry the hammer and sickle in a star and the buttons are dated 88. On the wearers right is a 1st class aviation navigator wing, 1950s issue.

The size of the uniform is 52 and the visor cap is size 58. Both are in good, worn condition without damages beyond what can be expected from daily wear. The tunic has small faint traces of a ribbon bar. The cap is a nice late Soviet era visor cap dating from the mid 1980s when the golden cord was introduced to be worn on the daily service caps and has the distinctive high crown as favored in the USSR in the late 1980s. The cap is manufactured by 43TsePK.

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