Soviet airforce medical captain parade uniform M1969

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Visor cap
Belt optional
4 medals
1 badge
Very good


Soviet air force medical captain
M1969 parade uniform

Soviet 1970s parade uniform for captain of the Soviet armed forces medical branch, assigned to the air force. This uniform is an odd one out for us, but based upon the fact that medical officers wore the branch colors of the unit to which they were assigned, we make the firm assumption that this uniform is legit. The uniform was acquired from a european collection and is in a very good shape. The awards are a very basic coldwar lineup including the 50th and 60th anniversary awards for the armed forces as well as the II. and III. class awards for irreproachable service. On the wearers right is a brass and enamel graduation badge from a medical university.

The shoulder boards are golden with one blue stripe and carry four small golden stars for the rank of captain. The collar tabs, which are sky blue felt, carry the insignia of the medical branch. The uniform is in general a standard air force dress uniform in dark blue with sky blue piping. The uniform comes with matching dark blue, sky blue piped trousers for wear with shoes. The uniform is about size 48 and the visor cap is a small size 55. The parade belt is not included, but recommended as a separate and optional purchase. Overall, the uniform is in great condition but shows limited wear from time and storage.

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