Soviet major general daily dress uniform Obr.69

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Visor cap
Shirt + tie
Ribbon bar
1 badge


Major general of artillery
Obr.69 daily dress uniform

Daily dress uniform for a Soviet artillery a major general of the Soviet army, Obr.69. The daily uniform was a double breasted dress used in day to day office and less formal occassions. The tunic is made from olive green fine wool and is in worn, yet very good condition with soft lining which is also in good condition. The large ribbon bar is sewn on, cloth type and the interior of the tunic shows traces from the ribbon bar having been moved a few times over the years. On the wearers right, viewers left, is a silver graduation rhombus from a military academy, 1950s version with white enamel and beautiful patina to the silver. The uniform has been attributed to a major general Vladislav Chernov of Leningrad but this is yet to be confirmed.

The shoulder boards are golden with red piping and feature one embroidered star each for the rank of major general and the crossed gun barrels for the artillery branch. Both the embroidered stars and the embroidered artillery insignia show some patina from age. The collar have rich golden embroideries and feature the standard red piping while the visor cap has black velvet base for artillery general staff. The cap feature an intricate embroidery and the correct two piece golden badge and general style side buttons. The trousers have the wide red decorations along the leg and are in very good condition. The shirt is a standard type shirt where general shoulder boards are attached and comes with tie and tie clip. The buttons have various dates, likely some of the buttons has been replaced at some point. The size for the tunic is about 54 european or US42-44 and the visor cap is a european size 56.

The ribbon bar includes the following awards:
Order of the Red Banner, Order of the Patriotic War I class, Order of the Patriotic War II class, Order of the Red Star, Order for Service to Socialist Motherland III class, Medal for Battle Merit, Medal for 100th Anniversary of the Birth of V.I. Lenin, Medal for defense of Leningrad, Medal for defense of Stalingrad, Medal for Victory over Germany, medals for 20th and 30th anniversary of the Victory over Germany, medal for Victory over Japan, medal for Veteran Serviceman, medal for 30th anniversary of Soviet army and navy, medals for 40th, 50th and 60th anniversaries of the Soviet armed forces, Medal for 250th anniversary of the foundation of Leningrad, medals for 20 and 15 years of service - Irreproachable service I and II class, Czechoslovak War Cross, Czechoslovak Medal for Strengthening Brotherhood in Arms I class, Czechoslovak Dukla Commemorative Medal (1959), Czechoslovak Commemorative Medal for 20th Anniversary of the Slovak National Uprising (1964), Czechoslovak Commemorative Medal - 30th Anniversary of the Struggle for Freedom and Liberation by the Red Army (1974), Mongolia commemorative medal for 30th anniversary of Victory over Japan, Poland medal Victory and Freedom Medal (1945).

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