Soviet MVD investigating officer dress visor cap

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Very good


Soviet MVD investigation officer
dress visor cap

1992 dress visor cap for a MVD Investigation officer. The reference on these caps is very limited, but according to russian collector forums, a new investigation branch within the MVD was formed in the last weeks of the USSR and got this KGB-like blue color base caps, similar to Militsia visor caps with white covers.

The cockarde is the standard Militsia type, the side buttons and cord are army type. The cap is produced by PTO Tsarnitsa, the year is hard to read but likely 92. The size is 54. The white cover has rust stains. Overall, the cap is worn but in good condition. Needless to say, these are very rare and a highly sought after collectible for the KGB, MVD, state security or cold war collector.

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