Soviet admiral 1971 parade visor cap

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Soviet navy admiral
parade visor cap

1971 dated parade visor cap for a Soviet navy admiral.

This visor cap dates to 1971 and is a very high quality cap manufactured by TsePK in Moscow. The base is navy black with a cream white crown. The cocarde is embroidered with a naval ovan centerpiece.

A golden parade cord runs from the side buttons which are naval admiral type. The visor holds very impressive embroideries but show honest wear. The makers mark is faded and hardly readable.

Overall, while worn and "salty" this visor cap is both impressive and well-made and a top choice for your Soviet cold war or navy collection! Please study the photos carefully as the cap is after all worn at sea. Size 59. Notice that this is an authentic Soviet admirals cap and not a present day copy or post-Soviet version.

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